The book “Heartbeats by our Side” is a literary project that will contain loving stories of people and their dogs that describes the incredible role these dogs play in our existence on this earth and beyond.

I am looking to capture your own exceptional short stories regarding the dogs in your life that detail the extraordinary relationships between dogs and their owners.

Please refer to the “Submit Story” tab on the website to review the guidelines and further details.

Some of the stories to be featured in the book are about my own three precious little doggies, Martini, Rossi and Shannon, and our journey together over the span of seventeen beautiful years. They served as my constant companions through the happiest and most trying times of my life. Together we experienced complete contentment, utter turmoil, astonishing change, and eventual tranquility.

You will also read a lot about my current dog “Lillie,” a rescue dog who recently came into my life, who managed to heal the holes in my heart and soul left by Martini, Rossi and Shannon.

I know for sure, as you read the many dog stories that will be captured in this book, you will understand and respect the bond between people and their pets.

If you feel like I do, you will comprehend this bond is one of love that lasts a lifetime and also beyond. If you think pets are simply animals, these stories should change your mind about your own pet, the next pet you see or acquire, or the next pet in need of love and care.

By the time you finish reading these “Dog Tails of Love and Laughter,” you will understand why our precious dogs are our buddies, why their spirits are held deep within our hearts and souls, and why this book serves as a testimony that unconditional love knows no boundaries.

“After all, each and every one of them are “Heartbeats by our Side,” through the journeys of our lives.

Maryellen Klang, Author

In The Memory Of

Martini, Rossi and Shannon

Martini, Rossi and Shannon

3 Precious Shih-Tzus who were our author’s constant “Hearbeats by her Side” for close to 18 years.



Rescue dog whose love for Janie, our editor, & her family, knew no bounds.


“Driving Miss Lillie…Home”

My beloved dogs, Martini, Rossi & Shannon, adorable and loving shih-tzus, all passed away by 2002, having lived long and amazing lives. I had thoughts of replacing them over the past thirteen years but never acted because they were indeed “very had acts to follow.”…………Read More


the Irish Red & White Setter rescue dog, with a joyful & pure spirit, who recently came into our author’s life.

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