This is a literary project created by Maryellen Klang who is looking to capture exceptional short stories regarding dogs for her book “Heartbeats by Our Side.”

The inspiration for this book comes from the profound love and joy Maryellen has experienced from her dogs she has had at her side throughout her life. She understands and respects the bonds formed with her dogs are one of the most amazing and important experiences of her life.

Story Guidelines:

The book will contain factual and heartfelt stories which detail the extraordinary nature of the dogs you have currently or whom you have had in the past. Specifically, please share the stories of the dogs that made an invaluable and profound impact on your own life or the special people in your life.

Detail why these dogs are/were your faithful companions and what they do or have done to bring you, as well as your family or friends, unconditional love, comfort and boundless joy.

Please submit original and true stories between 1200 and 2000 words.

Some suggestions for your dog stories:

• Dogs who became embedded as part of a family that members grew to love
• Dogs who provided sole companionship for people living alone
• Disabled dogs who overcame a challenging situation or physical disability
• Overcoming health issues with dogs by your side
• Shelter dogs you rescued
• Cross country or other country moves with your dogs
• Exercising, running marathons & weight loss stories with your dog
• Dogs rescuing a person, baby, another dog or animal
• Reuniting with your dog after they were lost.
• Veterinarian stories, i.e. saving a dog’s life & how it positively impacted the dog, vet and the pet’s people.
• Dogs & relationships, i.e. dating, marriage, families, elderly, divorce
• Roles that dogs played in weddings, bringing up children, adoptions.
• Dog park stories, meeting your friends, partner/spouses through your dog & long relationships full of loving dogs
• Dog training/trainer stories & dogs who do special tricks!
• Dog Mascot stories
• Service dogs, such as (but not limited to):
• Police, Fire, Search and Rescue Dogs
• U.S. Customs & Board Patrol Dogs
• Military Dogs & Owner Reunions
• Therapy and guide dogs for people with physical limitations
• Physical and or Emotional Assistance Dogs
• Seizure Alert Dogs – ability to warn a person of an impending seizure
• Dogs of Diabetics
• Farm dogs – farm work, handle livestock

Tell our readers:

• Why are/were these dogs so special to you? What sets them apart?
• How do/did they help you cope with a challenging situation in your life?
• What lifelong lesson(s) did they teach you and bring to your life?
• What specifically did they do that was heartfelt?
• How do they or did they bring laughter into your life and lift your spirits?
• How do/did they communicate with you? Now and from the afterlife.
• Share why the bonds formed with these dogs was/is very special.
• Why do you care about their life stories being immortalized and why should they live on forever through these writings?

How to Submit Your Story:

Please submit stories that are original and factual and ones that have not yet been published through our website in the “Submit Story” section.

Each submission will be reviewed and you will be notified if your submission has been selected for the book. If chosen, you will be required to complete a release form & we will reimburse you a onetime payment of $100.00 for your story.

As a final thought, please remember:
“We all owe it to our cherished dogs to tell their stories. Only you can speak and write the words they cannot say and share the stories they cannot tell.”

Thank you.
Maryellen Klang, Author